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A residential project in Longueville, Sydney has benefited from versatile shading solutions provided by the Markilux Planet range.

The home, located next to the picturesque Lane Cove River, required awning coverage for an upper balcony and for the pool area that overlooks the river itself.

Simon Lightfoot of Blindmaster, which supplied and installed Markilux products for the project, said the poolside location in particular required a specialised approach.

“The client required a bespoke shading solution for the seating area around the pool and over the pool itself. One of the hurdles with this installation was that there was no wall or façade available for fixing an awning.”

“In addition the client wanted something a bit more upmarket than a simple cantilevered umbrella; it also had to be able to withstand high winds, while the anti-corrosion profile of the product finally selected was ideally suited to a waterside location.”

  • Markilux Planet range
  • Markilux Planet range
  • Markilux Planet range
  • Markilux Planet range

That product was the Markilux Planet, a freestanding structure ideally suited to alfresco living for use in gardens, patios, decks or poolside areas.

“The client actually came to us requesting the Markilux Planet as it had been highly recommended by their landscape designer. They looked into the product and discovered that it ticked all the boxes for them.”

“Designed and manufactured in Germany, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, the product is perfectly designed. Anchored to a concrete base, the Markilux Planet has a 15 square metre shading footprint and instant aesthetic appeal. In addition the Servo Assisted Gearbox provides smooth operation for the manually controlled system chosen.”

“The model selected was the Markilux Planet Fix in the 6000 Uber cocoon version, which has a stunning, high-design profile.”

“For the fabric, the client selected a vibrant green stripe, which provides a beautiful ambience and blends well with the surroundings and nearby plantings,” said Simon. “The fabric is impregnated with UV inhibitor which gives it SPF 50-plus sun protection, of huge benefit in the harsh Australian climate.”

The Markilux Planet is available in seven standard colours or can be custom powder coated in over 200 colours, while the range also encompasses 250 fabric patterns. It is available in two versions: fixed in place as the Markilux Planet Fix or as the Markilux Planet Flex, which can be rotated by up to 335 degrees. The system is also designed to be coupled with a wide range of ancillary shading devices if required, and is available in both manual and motorised versions.

“Aside from its clear functional benefits, the Markilux Planet installed at Longueville provided real visual and functional enhancements to this beautiful riverside home.” logo abdigital