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Achieving a successful future with CPD

Smart professional people continually educate themselves. And smart professional organisations provide the ways and means for this education to happen. They also make sure the content is informed, current and relevant to members’ needs. This is what the Australian Institute of Architects provides for its members and our profession.

Education and CPD is a core focus of the Australian Institute of Architects. It’s one of our three pillars supporting the Institute’s program. We see education and CPD as fundamental to helping the profession thrive and survive. It enables architects to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can control their own careers. A smart architect in tune with the latest developments in technology, business practice and regulations is a valuable one. The Institute’s CPD program provides the necessary building blocks for a strong, healthy and vibrant profession; our CPD sessions are designed and presented by experts in their field.

We’re not alone of course. There are many other organisations offering CPD programs to our members. But not all sessions presented as CPD by other presenters are endorsed by the Institute. Nor do they have the same value as the Institute’s own program.

A free trade lunch or a singular proprietary product review may keep you in the product loop, and well fed, but is it CPD? Some of these sessions may qualify technically for some of your informal points, but is it the quality professional information, knowledge and development you need?

There’s no getting around it: the 20 annual CPD points minimum is a requirement of your registration. Yet acquiring the minimum number of points is only a means to an end. You need to decide on your own education and training requirements if you really want to drive your own career. It is your career that should come first, not minimum point scores or the interests of product suppliers.

The Institute develops its CPD sessions based on the latest industry and professional developments. We offer our members and the profession as broad an approach to each topic as possible. We also drill down into the detail to make sure the session has practical relevance to our members in NSW. The Institute exists through and for architects and architecture. Our focus is on our members, the profession and the services we provide in improving the quality of the built environment.

The NSW Chapter has various CPD events to spark your interest and imagination. These range from tours of award-winning buildings and technical sessions (including BIM, SEPP 65 and the ADG, code assessment) to practice management insights and social media marketing.

  • Knut Menden and Fiona Young from BVN Donovan Hill leading a CPD ArchiTour of the Sulman-winning Ravenswood Mabel Fidler Building

CPD is an opportunity. Think of those yearly 20 points as a launching pad to a promotion, a new job, a leadership position or a pay rise. CPD is that important. It can be a pillar of your career just as it is a pillar of the Institute’s program.

Our CPD program serves your needs and the needs of your fellow members. If there’s a topic you want to explore that’s not in our current program, let us know about it. Our CPD program is where I go to get informed and keep up to date. I look forward to seeing you at one of our future sessions.

Shaun Carter, NSW Chapter President and CPD Committee member

Full CPD program, pricing and booking information: architecture.com.au/cpd-events/nsw-cpd-events