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sites; screening some for the
benefit of distant views for
The building skin is articulated
following further consideration
of privacy and light in the plan.
The subtraction of some facade
components to the north admit
light to the units in winter and
give a rationality to the facade’s
variation. Many subtle plays of
light result from core pursuits
in the plan, which enhance
the inhabitants experiences
of light, privacy and quietness
from within the development.
Overlaid and working with
the planning and massing
fundamentals are moments of
fine detail, articulation and colour
accents, that further elevate the
experience for both residents and
expression of the facades has
been greatly influenced by the
site’s environmental aspects. The
breezeways, sliding sun shades
and balconies create a cohesive
response to the localized
environment. With a splash of
colour, this has created a highly
articulated facade with a depth of
patterning and shading.
This project exemplifies how
a site specific strategy can
significantly enhance the amenity
of residents and stand the test of
development constraints in a tight
development market.
At Pelican Street the architect
has demonstrated a capability,
understanding and sensitivity
towards an established residential
market. There is present an
identifiable recognition of the
design opportunities open to the
architect working hand-in-hand
with accepted, tried and proven
industry standards and building
Fundamental to the project
success is the amenity embodied
in the plan. All units enjoy an
orientation to the north-east and
east which allows living spaces
to optimise solar access. The
composition in plan enables
amenity to adjacent properties
by seeking a departure from
the street-wall forms at its key
intersection. The interiors, in-turn,
are shaped by a planning strategy
focused on light, ventilation
and efficiency, balanced by
an approach to privacy and
orientation which both frames
and masks views of the adjacent
This development presents a
clear and simple strategy of
maximising internal amenity
through the siting and massing
of the development. Located
adjacent a busy road the
orientatation living of spaces
away from the road and towards
the north provides exceptional
amenity to the apartments.
Permeable walkways and
breezeways are located to the
street frontage, connecting
the apartments and providing
a buffer to the busy street.
A unique internal layout and
section through the building
enables cross ventilation to
all apartments, elevating the
bedroom spaces within the units
without impacting on acoustics or
Splaying the grid has enabled
all north facing apartments
to also obtain views towards
Centennial Park between
adjoining developments. The
Photography: Brett Boardman
Photography: Katherine Lu/ Brett Boardman
Pelican Street
Candalepas Associates
The Kensington
Fox Johnston