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courtyard. The layouts of the
townhouses provide extensive
storage, and the simple plans and
management of external spaces
make the living areas seem
deceptively large.
The architectural expression
of both buildings provide
environmental control to the
interior spaces and considers the
long terms impacts of further
residents such as maintenance.
Central to the success of this
project is the establishment
of simple, straight forward
apartment layouts and a clear
site strategy that works with the
opportunities and constraints
of the site. A simple palette of
materials responds appropriately
to the bushland setting and
provides a low maintenance
environment. These are buildings
that will age gracefully.
The plan is decisive. Living rooms
are prioritised to the leafy northern
outlook, while bedrooms find
their logical placement typically
within the eastern, western and
southern facades. Eastern and
western walls are serrated to
maximise daylight and are intrinsic
to the building’s character. They
also serve to manipulate outlook
towards the leafy setting (for
the apparent exclusivity of each
unit), by blinkering peripheral
views. Homecoming is enhanced
with generous, day-lit lobbies
that create a transition from the
raw exterior to soft tones of the
The overall composition is
reminiscent of the Sydney School
buildings that punctuate the
northern suburbs. This project
exemplifies the architect’s
dedication to the cause of creating
beautiful crafted buildings.
Part of a masterplanned
development within a former
university campus, these two
precincts present different
site constraints and have been
tailored to meet different
Tubbs View is a series of
apartment buildings that
successfully manage difficult
site typology. They have been
sited on an existing car park
site, defined by radiating
sandstone walls and cuttings.
The buildings are positioned to
follow existing contours, with a
network of paths and communal
gardens connecting their
entrances. Orientated towards
the leafy bushland outlook, the
development is defined by simple,
straightforward dual aspect plans
that provide excellent amenity.
Hamilton Corner is a two storey
building containing a mix of
townhouses and apartments
organised around a central
In what could have resulted in a
blunt, deep-form plan, resulting
from the site’s permissible density
and limited height, Candalepas
and Associates have organised
this apartment building as a pair of
interconnected ’T’s, whose wings
make way for trees retained on-
site and generate a varied outlook
from the building.
A compelling aspect of this
project is its clearly identifiable
character. The palette of materials
- borrowed unashamedly from
the context - is restricted to the
essential; concrete for structure,
brick for cladding. A simple metal
balustrade retains openness
towards the leafy outlook, whilst
timber screens control privacy
to the street. Yet, there is careful
but understated consideration of
each face of the building and its
interfaces. The raw naturalistic
character of the exterior is carried
through to the subdued lobby
areas which, despite their length,
retain their openness to the street.
Photography: Brett Boardman
Photography: Brett Boardman
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Bates Smart
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