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Brendan Murray
Brendan Murray is the recipient
of the 2015 NSW Emerging
Architect Prize. Brendan
demonstrates a well-rounded
and sophisticated professional
approach, evidenced through
his successful participation and
leadership of a range of projects
within the practice of Johnson
Pilton Walker, where he has
practiced for the past 10 years.
Of note, the award winning
National Worker’s Memorial in
Canberra, Audi Headquarters
and White Bay Cruise Terminal
in Sydney display Brendan’s
versatility, executing projects
of commemorative, commercial
and cultural importance at
a recognized standard of
excellence. Beyond design
excellence, these projects
have been delivered against
a background of diverse and
complex procurement methods,
further adding to Brendan’s
professional knowledge.
Brendan has returned this
knowledge to the profession
through his various roles as a
tutor in professional practice
subjects at the University
of Technology, Sydney,
demonstrating a commitment
to the professional development
of the next generation of
architects; a knowledge that is
critical to the effectiveness of the
profession as it evolves into the
future. Brendan has also actively
engaged with the NSW and
ACT Chapters both as a SONA
representative and a member
of several chapter committees
including DARCH and the Large
Practice Committee.
Brendan’s activities within JPW
have clearly enhanced both the
individual and the practice. The
jury noted that his pursuit of
such activities and recognition
of his practice whilst working
in large-practice, showed a
true drive and commitment to
development of the profession.
Brendan Murray is a fine example
of professionalism and a fitting
recipient of the 2015 NSW
Emerging Architect Prize.
Established 2011
This prize recognises an emerging
architect or architectural
collaboration’s contribution to
architectural practice, education,
design excellence and community
involvement that advances the
profession’s standing in the public
Helen Lochhead
Architect and
The President’s Prize this year
acknowledges an individual
who has made a long term
and substantial contribution
to public architecture, and the
design of the landscape and
urban environments across NSW.
Deputy Government Architect,
educator, mentor, National
Councilor, research leader, critical
thinker and collaborator, Helen
Lochhead is recognized for her
selfless dedication to design
quality; a goal she pursues with
an extraordinary focus.
Through her roles with the
Sydney Cove Authority (later
SHFA), Sydney City Council,
the Olympic Co-ordination
Authority and more recently
with the Government Architect’s
Office, Helen Lochhead has been
involved with master planning
town centres, institutional and
education precincts, new high
density residential precincts and
Olympic Park. Helen believes
that all levels of government
should lead by example, and
consistently promotes design
excellence to clients who may
not always see the value of good
In addition to undertaking a
Masters in Architecture and
Urban Design at the Columbia
Graduate School in New York,
Helen has won a number of
travelling scholarships and
fellowships, including most
recently at the Graduate School
of Design at Harvard University.
These have enabled her to
assess which characteristics
of exemplary international
projects could be of benefit
to Australia, in particular how
cities are dealing with issues
of sustainability and climate
Helen has consistently
maintained a high profile in the
profession. She has served on
competition juries, design panels
and now holds the position of
Deputy Government Architect
and Adjunct Professor at the
University of Sydney. She is
recognised as a champion not
only of women architects but
also of quiet achievers, and acts
as an informal mentor to her
younger colleagues.
This and earlier awards from the
Institute, the Australian Institute
of Landscape Architects and the
National Association of Women
in Construction, recognise her
role as a leader and a visionary;
a tireless campaigner for the
conscious design of quality and
sustainable urban environments.
NSW is certainly a better place
for Helen’s work.
Established 1984
This prize is awarded at the discretion
of the NSW Chapter President and is
given to an individual who has made
a substantial contribution to the
profession of architecture.