Page 36 - AB Awards 2015

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efficient air-conditioning system,
with full fresh air through a
raised access floor with chilled
beams; a first for Australian
commercial property. Fresh air
drawn across the workfloors
is exhausted over open atrium
edges and through the new
roof. The enlarged atrium
delivers 55% more natural light
to the office areas, and atrium
stairs and bridges encourage
interaction, collaboration and a
socially engaging workplace. A
collaborative process delivered
a holistic design solution to the
rooftop addition, which uses
over 30% less steel than a typical
50 Martin Place has high cultural,
social and economic significance
for Sydney. This refurbishment
broadens this significance as it
establishes a new benchmark
for sustainable design through
successful building re-use.
This project explores the
potential of refurbishing a
significant but neglected
heritage building, demonstrating
the latent value of such buildings,
and the economic viability
of a sustainable approach to
commercial development.
As Australia’s largest 6-star
Greenstar heritage building, the
project also demonstrates that
renewal of heritage buildings
can match new buildings in
sustainability standards.
The building re-use included
extensive internal rationalisation
and the construction of a three
storey rooftop addition. These
changes have reinvigorated the
building and re-validated its
continuing utility as a commercial
headquarters in one of Australia’s
most prestigious financial
Active systems within the
building include a highly
Photography: Brett Boardman
50 Martin Place